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Be Smart: Local Phone Repair by Professionals

Be Smart: Local Phone Repair by Professionals - Home

If your iPhone has a broken screen or Samsung Galaxy has a buggered button, bring it in to Smart Phone Repair in Nelson where our phone repair services are performed trained experts.

You won't need to be without your phone for weeks and pay the high cost of shipping to send your phone some other repair shop in another part of the country. Smart Phone Repair provides state-of-the-art smartphone repairs in-house and at affordable prices. It’s almost like getting a new phone for the fraction of the cost!

Smart Phone Repair purchases the best spare parts available and keeps a steady stock of parts for iPhones, Samsungs, iPads and many other phone, tablet, and smart devices. Bring your phone in and we will diagnose the problem and give you a quote on the spot.

We keep many common parts in stock and since our repair technicians are on-location, you can have your phone back much sooner and in many cases the same day. In fact, we guarantee the fastest turnaround times around, and offer one hour services on many repairs, including iPhone repairs.