iPhone Battery Issues

iPhone Battery/Charging Port Repair

Modern day iPhone’s pack a lot of power. When working correctly, your iPhone should get at least one full day’s worth of use without completely draining out the battery.

However, over time iPhone batteries tend to 'run out of juice.’ You may charge your iPhone overnight, and then by lunch time you are suddenly notified that your battery has just dropped below 20%. Or perhaps your problem doesn’t have to do with a time-worn battery. You’ve been waiting around all night and day for your iPhone to charge up to 100%. However, your phone is currently at 40% charge. For those of us that have fallen victim to such occurrences, it can make you feel as if all hope is lost for your iPhone… But do not fret!

Lucky for you, a quick fix isn’t far away! Fixing your faulty battery or charging port is as simple as 1 2 3. By taking the right precautions, our technicians are able to safely remove any faulty components and replace them with brand new components of the highest quality. Best of all, you will not lose any of the data on your phone. In only 10-15 minutes you will be on your way with a fully functional iPhone!