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Same-Day iPhone Repairs in Nelson

Same-Day iPhone Repairs in Nelson - iPhone Repair

It's inevitable; one day you'll hear that heart-wrenching sound of your iPhone screen cracking. You many think, "Will I have to buy a brand new phone?", "Did I lose all my data?", "My precious apps?" We''ve all experienced that devastating feeling, and that's what inspired us to create an organization with the sole mission to get you re-connected with the world. Thanks to the dedication and experience of our iPhone repair specialists in Nelson, we can fix that phone and get you back on your way. Our Nelson repair team is ready to help you out of your crisis. We've been known to work magic, so get that buggered phone to us as soon as you can! If you can do the damage, we can repair it!

When that moment of panic happens, you can relax knowing that our expert team of Nelson iPhone repair specialists is nearby. At Smart Phone Repair, we can fix any type of smartphone, but we specialize in iPhone repairs. Specifically, the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 5. Send us an email, or come see us at our Nelson location.

iPhone Screen Repair

“Oops!” “Did you really just break my brand new iPhone?” “Mate, I’m so sorry! It’s ok, I know just where to take it. It will be as good as new in 30 minutes!"

Each and every one of us are prone to being clumsy on occasion. The gadgets that we all love, as ingenious as they are, can often break with the smallest of drops. Sometimes dropping an iPhone may lead to a completely blacked out LCD screen. Sometimes the damage may be limited to a small chipped corner on your phone that eventually spreads throughout the entire screen. Or perhaps everything appears to be perfectly fine, but the touchscreen has stopped reacting completely.

Well my friend, you are not alone. Here at Smart Phone Repair, damaged iPhone Digitizers and LCD panels are among the most commonly seen issues that we repair. Our qualified technicians know exactly how to deal with damaged iPhone screens. By taking the correct precautions, there is absolutely NO NEED TO WIPE ANY DATA FROM YOUR PHONE. You simply drop off your broken iPhone and within the hour you will have your phone back as if nothing had even happened.

Here at Smart Phone Repair, we use the most high quality screen replacements that you can find on the market. You may be thinking, “That just sounds too easy. I heard it can take days or even weeks to repair an iPhone screen.” Well, we are here to tell you that it is that easy. We keep all of our iPhone screens in stock to avoid any unnecessary waiting periods. There’s no need for an appointment! You just drop off your iPhone, allow our technicians a small amount of time to work, perhaps get some shopping done around town, and then pick up your phone before you head home. It’s as easy as 1 2 3!